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Cascade Staff Training

The WATCH lab training academy

Over recent weeks, every single colleague across our national branch  network has completed training to strengthen their knowledge and confidence with our new technical equipment – our water resistance tester the Witschi Chronoproof pro, our Horotec Flashtest diagnostic machine and the Eumex ultrasonic cleaner.

In addition they’ve also completed comprehensive training on our technical processes and most importantly our customer experience standards. All of which supports delivery of The WATCH Labs vision and values.


Our values give us a code of conduct to live by and guide how we recruit, manage and reward our colleagues. They also help to make our business a great place to work, where every one of us knows what we can expect from each other. We are:


We approach every opportunity with an open and honest manner.





We take pride in what we do and the part we play in people’s lives.




A Team:

We inspire the growth of our colleagues through learning, development and sharing knowledge and experiences.



The Specialists:

Our obsessive focus is to be the best watch repair specialist to instil our colleagues with confidence and competence through comprehensive training.

success of cascade

Greer - Silverburn Branch

The Branch Manager Greer at Silverburn has successfully completed the Cascade Training

The new cascade training has really helped with our day-to-day operations. It has helped open up avenues of understanding with our customers”

– Greer

Olly & Louise - Leeds Branch

Branch Manager Louise and Assistant Manager Olly at Leeds have both successfully completed their Cascade Training

The cascade training has enabled me to learn about and work with industry standard technology which sets us apart from other repair agents”

– Louise


Stephen - Northern Operational Manager & Steven - Manchester Branch

The Assistant Manager Steven  at Manchester has successfully completed the Cascade Training

The cascade we have in place is an amazing tool not only for seasoned members of The Watch Lab but for new starters, it allows us to set a high standard for both repairs and customer service that is company-wide and consistent throughout”

– Steven

Liam & Colin - Nottingham Branch

Branch Manager Colin and Assistant Manager Liam at Nottingham have both successfully completed the Cascade Training

A fantastic tool used to help staff learn and understand our new equipment and selling techniques to help deliver a amazing customer service experience”

– Colin





Chester Branch Re-design

Our Chester branch has had its first re-fit, we have introduced a new serving counter, that has a great view area for our new time-pieces.

When walking down to the serving area to the back of the store there are new posters and mirrors to the left, and to the right more watch cabinets showing off more of the new time-pieces our store sales. 




Branch Redesign

Some of our branches have had a redesign. Bristol, Manchester and Kingston have had new brand imaging, new watch repair post, technician stations, and Manchester has had a new strap display fitted. 

The Watch Lab Bristol has had new decor on the front of the serving area and new images and key store information in the light boxes

The Watch Lab Manchester has had new decor, a new section to display our range of straps available in-store. Behind the counter there is the technician points 1-3.   

The Watch Lab Kingston has had the new decor.

All of The Watch Lab store have had all new tools to help improve the services provided and now are getting visually improved.



New Pressure Tanks & Water Resistan...

All our nationwide branches now have a new state-of-the-art watch water resistance tester; the Witschi Chronoproof Pro.

This is an automatic tester using both vacuum and pressure to determine whether a watch is water resistant. After the watch has been tested, the results are printed and given to our customers to give them the peace of mind that following a repair with The Watch Lab their watch has been correctly resealed.

All watches that are rated as being 50m/5 ATM or above (i.e. suitable for surface swimming) will receive a water resistance test. Features include:- 

  • Automatic parametrisation & test cycle: The test cycle starts automatically on closing the test chamber. Stabilisation and measurement times are automatically adapted to suit the watch. 
  • Reliable and accurate test results: result are measured up to a resolution of 0.02 µm; 1/5000 of the thickness of an average human hair.

Need a watch testing? Please visit one of our nation-wide branches

Water Resistance in Watches:-                                                          Written By The Watch Labs Watchmaker Apprentices 

Water resistance is tested and measured with both watch and water/air being static. It is advisable to get a watch with a greater water resistance than what you want to use it for as when moving about the water can exert different amounts of pressure on the watch.

There is currently an effort underway to change the language of the water resistance rating as it is seem as not being clear to the general population; many of whom would see a 30m watch as being suitable for diving up to 30m.

 Please see below table below for water resistance guide

When testing a watch this can be a dry or wet test and is measured at different pressures. If a watch fails the pressure test, further tests can be done to find the source of the leak. A wet pressure tester is used to show where the leak is coming from and how severe the leak is. By placing the pressurised watch in water and then equalizing the pressure, a stream of bubbles will be observed coming from a defective section of the watch. Once the source of the leak has been found further measures can be done to restore the water resistance.

A watch keeps its water resistance by using rubber or hard gaskets. Gaskets can be found on, the case-back, glass, crown and also pushers.

Other factors can affect the water resistance of a watch, for example a change in temperature, wearing a watch in high temperature can cause the gaskets to expand and then shrink after the watch cools. 

Divers Watches

Watches that are produced for diving need to be sent to the original manufacturers for resealing. They will be able to provide a certificate which someone using their watch for diving can pass to their insurers. The correct testing and certificate is required due to the watch being use as a life dependent device. On a watch with a unidirectional rotating bezel, this is used by a diver to show how much time has elapsed.

Seiko SKX007 (7S26-0020)
Citizen Watch Promaster BN2021-03E

The Watch Lab has accounts with all the major manufacturers and are able to help with your watch’s resealing and repair. Please visit one of our branches for a free estimate.



Gateshead Metrocentre - New Store

After months of preparation The Watch Lab has opened its newest store at Gateshead Metrocentre.

Same-day watch repairs at The WATCH Lab includes:

  • Battery replacement, reseal and testing for water resistance  all brands inc. Tag Heuer, Omega, Longines, Gucci, Rotary, DKNY etc.
  • Watch bracelet adjustment i.e. removing or adding links to change the size
  • Leather watch straps and bracelets including manufacturer special orders
  • Repairs to bracelets spring bars, split pins, pins/sleeves, tapered pins.
  • Replacement of dial batons and loose hands

Metrocentre has a great stock of new watches with brands like:-

  • Casio 
  • Sekonda 
  • Seksy by Sekonda

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