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Analogue vs Digital Watches

Gucci, Tag Heuer, Rolex, Cartier and Omega – all brands of analogue watches. If you haven’t guessed already, analogue watches are normal wristwatches, with a face, hands, crown and strap or bracelet. Simple. A digital watch however, not as straight forward.  Read more…



Wrist vs Pocket Watches - The Diffe...

In the 14th century, Peter Henlein invented the timepiece. Put simply, it was a a portable metal object that tells you what time of the day it is. Today, there are thousands of watches, all with varying brands, designs and models. Despite the array of colours, diamonds and types of metal available today, their are only two types of timepieces: pocket watches and wrist watches. But what are the differences?  Read more…



The 5 Most Expensive Watches 2016

The phrase “expensive watches” causes the Rolex Daytona, Chopard Imperiale and Piaget Limelight to come to mind. But step it up a level and you get the 5 most expensive watches in the world, 2016.

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Why do we wear watches on our left ...

Since the wearing of watches began, we seem to have worn them on our left hand. However, others wear it on their right hand. It is widely believed females wear watches on their right, and males wear it on their left. Is this true? And why? Here is all you need to know about why we wear watches on our left wrist.

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Euro 2016 Winner Cristiano Ronaldo'...

Footballing great and three time ‘best footballer in the world’ Cristiano Ronaldo, has teamed up with prestigious watch brand Tag Heuer to produce a stylish wrist watch. The captain of Portugal, winners of the Euro 2016 football competition has branded his name on an attractive watch for a price of £1,200. The 42mm chronograph watch with a fine-brushed black titanium case and black and green strap has recently been put up for sale on the official Tag Heuer website, receiving vast interest and purchases across the globe. Their has been an estimated increase in sales after Portugal’s win in the second largest footballing competition in the world.

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