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Official Authorised Service Centre
Head Office Clinic Workshop

Our Service Centre

The WATCH Lab’s Head Office Workshop is referred to as ‘Service Centre’. It is a large bespoke watch repair studio encompassing watchmaker benches at a height of approximately 1.2m. These are individual part-enclosed areas, with daylight work lamps and fully equipped with the latest horological hand tools & equipment.

Surrounding the bank of workbenches are cleaning machines, timing machines, automatic winders, water resistance testing equipment, case-presses, glass presses, ultra-violet glass curing chamber, and the Master Watchmaker Technical Assessment area. Steel cabinets stocked full of movements, parts, main springs, crowns, spring bars, tapered pins, gaskets, glasses, wheels, clasps, bracelets and straps can all be found. The Service Centre super-efficient administration team operates from here too.

In a fully enclosed separate room is the cleaning and polishing area. In here is the high-powered steam cleaner, the lathe, ultrasonic tanks and the valeting / polishing machinery.


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