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The Watch Lab has been operating from our purpose-built Service Centre in Preston for 20 years. Here our team of expertly trained professional watch technicians and watchmakers repair a range of brands in our state-of-the-art Omega accredited workshop. We also have a national chain of Watch Lab branches and kiosks that are conveniently placed in some of the UK’s most visited shopping centres from Southampton to Glasgow and from Bristol to York.

The history of Omega watches

The name ‘Omega’ is synonymous with high-quality, sought-after Swiss watches. Known throughout the world for their accuracy and style, Omega have built themselves a reputation over the course of nearly two centuries that many brands aspire to. We take a look at the history of Omega, why their watches are so special, and how to […]

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The Watch Lab’s list of ultimate watch accessories

Many hobbies and interests need certain accessories to go with them. For example, if you’re an avid golf player, you’re bound to want an array of accessories, whether for aesthetic reasons or because they serve a purpose.  When it comes to prize possessions like your watch, many of us like to invest in some top-notch […]

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How to tell if your watch needs servicing

You’ve paid big money for an expensive watch but without correct care and maintenance, damage and other problems may occur. Correctly servicing your watch will help keep it in tip-top condition. As all watches are subject to wear and tear over time, it’s important to proactively service your watch instead of waiting for things to […]

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Can quartz watches be repaired?

As there are a range of watch types available including; quartz, mechanical and automatic watches, when it comes to choosing a watch type, you might want to consider which one is easiest in terms of repair. Well, at The Watch Lab, we are here to explain our quartz watches repair service and answer your most […]

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What you need to know if your watch glass breaks

Accidents happen! Cracking or smashing your watch glass can be very annoying. Or maybe you’ve scuffed the glass on your watch and you’re unsure if this can be polished out or if you will require a replacement glass. Here is what to do if you crack, smash or scratch your watch glass, and how to […]

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Why you can trust The Watch Lab’s online watch battery replacement and reseal service

At The Watch Lab, we’re renowned for our expertly trained watch technicians and watchmakers that are based at our branches across the UK. But did you know that we also offer a professional and reliable online watch repair service by post? Despite offering 20 locations nationwide, we appreciate that it isn’t always convenient for branch […]

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