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The Watch Lab has been operating from our purpose-built Service Centre in Preston for 20 years. Here our team of expertly trained professional watch technicians and watchmakers repair a range of brands in our state-of-the-art Omega accredited workshop. We also have a national chain of Watch Lab branches and kiosks that are conveniently placed in some of the UK’s most visited shopping centres from Southampton to Glasgow and from Bristol to York.

Tips on how to maintain hygiene with your watch

Given recent circumstances, we think it is safe to say that maintaining personal hygiene is something that has been on top of everyone’s priority. In the fight against Covid-19, we have all become increasingly aware of the importance of keeping everyday items, including jewellery and watches, sanitised effectively and in the best condition possible. With […]

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How to service a watch proactively with Service Plus from The Watch Lab

Servicing your car regularly keeps it finely tuned and running smoothly. Any minor issues are fixed before they become major problems. At The Watch Lab, we apply those exact same principles to our Service Plus programme, providing proactive watch care, as well as a two-year guarantee across all our work, generous in-store discounts, and a […]

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5-step process for watch link removal

Having the correctly sized bracelet will help ensure that the watch is comfortable. Learn how to re-size your watch today by reading our watch link removal article. […]

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How to clean your watch

What is the correct way to clean your watch? The Watch Lab have provided a simple cleaning process, suitable for all watch brands and material types, to help prolong the life of your watch. […]

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All New Watch Winder Range at The Watch Lab

Collecting watches can be a rewarding pastime, not to mention a great way to stay accessorised. Keep your Rolex at the ready and your Seiko in the saddle with The Watch Lab range of watch winders. […]

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How much is it to get a watch battery replaced?

Watches are built to last for a number of years. High-quality timepieces often go many years without needing a battery replacement. The watch battery is the most common reason that watches stop working.


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