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The Brent Cross branch is closed for the foreseeable future.

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The Watch Lab Brent Cross

As the Brent Cross branch is closed for the foreseeable future, you can always visit your nearest branch or head over to our postal services to see how we can help you from the comfort of your home.

If your watch is in need of repair, The Watch Lab, Brent Cross, is the ideal place to call in. Our Watch Lab is located inside the popular Brent Cross shopping centre, on the ground floor near Fenwicks and Starbucks.

Here at The Watch Lab Brent Cross, we offer a free assessment service and no obligation estimations for watch repairs. Whatever the issue, The Watch Lab can fix it for you. In order for us to assess a watch properly, we will carefully examine and test the components to establish the history of your watch. From here, our Brent Cross Watch Lab technicians can confidently advise what your watch needs, how
much your watch repair will cost, and the time it will take for us to have your watch repaired – offering total peace of mind. We offer the most efficient, timely, and affordable watch repair service in London and you can find us right on your doorstep in Brent Cross shopping centre.

Watch Battery Replacement at Brent Cross

Watch battery replacement at Brent Cross is available at The Watch Lab. Our 1-hour replacement and reseal service is done to the highest standards by our watch technicians. Visit us today and make sure your watch is resealed and protected, keeping your watch dirt and moisture free – ready to tackle any environment.

Watch repair services at The Watch Lab Brent Cross

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    Batteries & Reseal 1hr

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    Movement Repairs & Servicing

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    Valeting 1hr

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    Dial Restoration

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    Glass Replacement

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    Straps & Bracelets 1hr

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    Free Water Resistance Check 1hr

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    Service PLUS

How to find us

You’ll find The Watch Lab in the Brent Cross Shopping Centre, on the ground floor near Fenwicks and Starbucks.

Prince Charles Dr

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