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The Watch Lab Kingston

Unfortunately, this Lab is not open at the moment due to National lockdown restrictions. Alternatively, you can use our online postal watch repair service.

The Watch Lab in Kingston can be easily located under the escalator on the ground floor of the Bentalls Centre, near the Clarence Street entrance. We offer a free assessment process and no obligation estimates for all watch repairs, making your trip even more stress-free.

We pride ourselves on our ability to accurately assess watches, and will carefully examine and test the components to establish the history of your watch. From this process, our Watch Lab Technicians are then able to confidently advise on the needs of the watch, how much the repairs could cost, and how long the work should take – a completely stress-free and reassuring process!

Watch repair services at The Watch Lab Kingston

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    Batteries & Reseal 1hr

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    Movement Repairs & Servicing

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    Valeting 1hr

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    Dial Restoration

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    Glass Replacement

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    Straps & Bracelets 1hr

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    Free Water Resistance Check 1hr

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    Service PLUS

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The Watch Lab, Kingston, is located in the Bentalls Centre ground floor under the escalator next to Ernest Jones.

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