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Why should I get my watch serviced ?

A watch is a machine and like all machines they need to be serviced on a regular basis. Whether it is a car, home central heating system or lawnmower a watch is no different. Parts wear and sometimes fail, lubricating oils dry and work less effectively and damage can occur.

What is involved when servicing a wrist watch ?

The watch movement is firstly completely stripped down. All components are disassembled and ultrasonically cleaned of their old lubricating oils. Each part is then checked, scrutinised and any worn parts are repaired or replaced. (If a quartz movement, then the electrical circuit is also checked, tested and replaced if necessary and a new battery fitted). The movement is then built back up, re-lubricated with the correct oils and regulated to be as accurate as possible. Finally the watch is resealed and valeted by both machine and hand polishing. This means that at completion, each timepiece is not just mechanically sound on the inside but looks fantastic on the outside.

All of the above is The WATCH Lab’s way of servicing watches. Not all of the above is carried out by other repairers. With there being no regulation in the UK’s watch repair business, many so called ‘watchmakers’ claim to service watches but in reality just go straight to the problem and fix that. The result is a watch may start going again, pleasing the customer, but not having all issues addressed at the same time, problems undoubtedly will occur in the near future. ¬†As with everything in life, one gets what one pays for.

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