Watch Batteries & Reseal

Most watch batteries are designed to last for up-to 2 years in modern quartz watches. Proactively replacing your watch battery will ensure that your watch will continue working correctly and at The Watch Lab our expert watch technicians will also reseal and pressure test your watch ensuring that it remains protected against the elements. Our expert technicians are specially trained to understand the requirements of each watch, across all well-known brands and watch types. We’re happy to discuss the process with you and offer any advice you may be looking for.

In order to provide a full and professional service, we always pressure test your watch using our state of the art Witschi Chronoproof Pro Blue Steel pressure testers, along with performing a hydro-tech flash test, that detects microscopic changes in the watch case. We then test for positive and negative pressure, check battery consumption and provide a print-out of the water resistance level of your watch.

During a one-hour in-branch battery replacement and reseal service, we will reseal your watch with silicone grease around the case back and winder.  The resealing process helps to ensure your watch is protected from dirt and moisture, which is especially helpful if your hobbies are more extreme or you wear your watch all year round. This will safeguard your battery and extend its lifespan – meaning that you won’t need another battery any time soon. We also offer an online watch battery replacement service.

Battery Replacement & Reseal Steps

Take a look at the steps we follow to take care of your watch during our Battery Replacement & Reseal process. All our technicians are expertly trained in Battery Replacement & Reseal for many high end and popular brands.

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