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The Watch Lab Meadowhall

The Watch Lab, Sheffield, is located in Meadowhall Shopping Centre. Here, our highly-skilled watch repair experts will assess your watch by handling and testing the watch and establishing the watch’s history. Our Watch Lab Technicians will then be able to restore your watch to a high quality standard.

We make sure each stage of this process is thoroughly overseen and carried out by our Watch Lab Technicians, informing you what the cost will be and how long the work should take. From this process, our Watch Lab Technicians are then able to confidently advise on the needs of the watch, how much the repairs could cost, and how long the work should take.

Watch repair services at The Watch Lab Meadowhall

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    Batteries & Reseal 1hr

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    Movement Repairs & Servicing

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    Valeting 1hr

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    Dial Restoration

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    Glass Replacement

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    Straps & Bracelets 1hr

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    Free Water Resistance Check 1hr

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    Service PLUS

How to find us

You’ll find The Watch Lab kiosk in the central dome of Meadowhall Shopping Centre, on the ground floor near M&S.

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