How to tell if your watch needs servicing

watch link removal

You’ve paid big money for an expensive watch but without correct care and maintenance, damage and other problems may occur. Correctly servicing your watch will help keep it in tip-top condition. As all watches are subject to wear and tear over time, it’s important to proactively service your watch instead of waiting for things to […]

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Tips on how to maintain hygiene with your watch

How to clean a watch

Given recent circumstances, we think it is safe to say that maintaining personal hygiene is something that has been on top of everyone’s priority. In the fight against Covid-19, we have all become increasingly aware of the importance of keeping everyday items, including jewellery and watches, sanitised effectively and in the best condition possible. With […]

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How to service a watch proactively with Service Plus from The Watch Lab

Servicing your car regularly keeps it finely tuned and running smoothly. Any minor issues are fixed before they become major problems. At The Watch Lab, we apply those exact same principles to our Service Plus programme, providing proactive watch care, as well as a two-year guarantee across all our work, generous in-store discounts, and a […]

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