Servicing your car regularly keeps it finely tuned and running smoothly. Any minor issues are fixed before they become major problems. At The Watch Lab, we apply those exact same principles to our Service Plus programme, providing proactive watch care, as well as a two-year guarantee across all our work, generous in-store discounts, and a free gift worth up to £30. Protect your time with a Service Plus care plan from The Watch Lab.

How much does it cost to service a watch?

How much does it cost to service a watch? Perhaps the real question should be how much will it cost if you don’t service your watch regularly? Because investing in a bit of proactive watch care upfront can actually save you unnecessary inconvenience, expense and wasted time in the long-run.

Returning to the car analogy, have you ever noticed how cars always breaks down at the least convenient moment? It might be on your way to a business meeting or halfway through a family holiday. Worst of all, that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach isn’t just the thought of the impending bill, but that this could all have been avoided with a bit more proactive care and maintenance.

A watch breakdown, though not on the same scale or level of expense (although that entirely depends on your type of watch!) is another inconvenience that is better off avoided. We’re never more acutely aware of how much we rely on our watches until something goes wrong. You can save yourself the time, expense and hassle of getting your watch repaired with the new Service Plus care package from The Watch Lab.

How to service a watch

Now that you know why it’s important to service a watch, you should know how to service a watch. There are two ways: you can either visit your local Lab for an ad hoc service whenever you feel like your watch needs a helping hand or you can commit to regular service intervals, just as you would with your car, which we recommend every three to five years. Either way works, it’s simply a case of being proactive.

The great thing about our Service Plus programme here at The Watch Lab is that it rewards you for your proactivity. Not only will you benefit from a complete watch service by a fully qualified watchmaker but, as a thank you from us, you’ll also receive a free gift worth up to £30 (depending on the value of your service) and an exclusive Privilege card that gives you 20% off many in-branch services, 50% off mini-valets and care products, and money off straps and bracelet adjustments. Plus, any work we carry out is covered by a failsafe two-year guarantee.

Join Service Plus at The Watch Lab today

Keeping your watch in peak condition is simple, straightforward and affordable with Service Plus. If you have your watch movement repaired at The Watch Lab, we’ll automatically enrol you onto the Service Plus programme. Or you can join proactively to gain all the benefits and total peace of mind that the regular care your watch receives will keep it ticking for many years ahead.

The Watch Lab offers a nationwide network of 20 Labs from Glasgow to Southampton. That means we are guaranteed to have a Lab in your local area, offering a professional repair and restoration service. Book an assessment at your nearest Lab today to sign up to a Service Plus care package.

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